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Our Women & Diverse Placements Map

A CEO and CHRO recently noted, “We understand Access Point Partners attracts outstanding women and diverse leadership talent, yet given our businesses across the USA can you give us more granular specifics?”

They requested either a verbal or printed list of the people, companies, and cities into which we’ve successfully landed women and diverse executives from Director to VP to C-Level.”

Access Point Partners' search consultant replied, “Unfortunately we cannot supply everything you’ve requested. Placements’ names and their companies are confidential, however we’ll provide a map outlining where we’ve recruited those placements into industrial, business services, technology, and CPG companies. Indeed many overlap with your business units' locations."

Access Point Partners recruits women and diverse leaders by coordinating with client-side leaders to avail their organizations of top diversity talent across broad local and national outreach, onto finalist shortlists, and into their organizations. We deliver what our clients visualize - superior talent in every location.


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