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It's 2020. Do You Know How Your Hiring Teams Appear?

2020 is more than a new decade; it’s a reminder that an Employer Brand will attract, but a candidate’s vision into potential bosses, peers, and subordinates drives their decision making if not also initial engagement. Beyond online advocacy of diversity, inclusion, innovation, and career development, Hiring Managers, the CHRO, and Talent Acquisition must better respond to the vast data candidates obtain about them. Answering and advocating becomes the ideal 2020 vision.

In 2020, the visibility available to prospective employees will be unsurpassed. Employers can anticipate such impressions-in-hand via reviews of LinkedIn bios and other sources, but much employee-added info is incorrect, outdated, and off-message.

A recent candidate for a Vice President role quickly asked, “Who are the subordinates so I can look them up before proceeding?” Since 2017, Access Point Partners consultants have known clients’ team member metrics using our AQ process; its results exceed client and candidate expectations among search firms.

AQ gives consultants' 2020 vision to better advocate and differentiate the client’s role, team, and organizational mandates. Vision for 2020 hiring? It’s particularly important during today’s full employment conditions.


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