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Access Point Partners renews with thanks to CEO Marc Benioff

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Access Point Partners, founded in 2010 by Eric Gustafson, previously a Senior Partner/Managing Director of Korn/Ferry International’s New York City office and NA Technology Practice, has renewed its long running relationship with The firm and consultants selected at the outset of its founding 11 years ago and since day one have customized it for superior contact, relationship, and report management.

“At the time of our founding,” noted Founder/CEO, Eric Gustafson, “our knowledge of specialized candidate and client database software solutions was deep and we found those systems wanting. We knew large search firms’ home-grown software and upon review of alternative software providers' executive-search-specific solutions found options narrowly conceived, inflexible, dated, and user-interface challenged.

Search industry software often developed by a few people in executive search firms brought no CRM thought leadership; they often were just contact name entries to which a resume was attached. “We made an educated decision with at the outset and very quickly saw its viability and productivity for our business – and, therein for our corporate clientele’s recruiting engagements,” added Eric.

“Our in-hindsight thank you goes out to our team for offering a robust platform to demanding experts in startups like ours back in 2010,” states Eric. “Since then, has grown tremendously - especially at the enterprise level - yet they have remained an important and resolute partner.”


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