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2021 C-Level Placements On West Coast

June 2021

Among Access Point Partners' other nationally-located placements in 2021, Founder/CEO, Eric Gustafson completed two multi-national companies' C-level searches in Seattle and Los Angeles. Each company is a top branded OEMs selling digital hardware and software solutions in a b2b environment via direct and IT channels. Their parent companies have global revenues of $15 and $18 billion.

Client leaders retained the firm to recruit a new business-unit-head into existing USA subsidiaries. Managing the searches from Stamford, CT, the firm identified, sourced, and accessed talent across the west coast and mountain states for candidates to be based at headquarters in Seattle and LA.

The new leaders were selected from among each engagement's four finalist candidates. Offers were negotiated, extended, and accepted by the top-ranked executive from among each finalist slate including female and diverse executives.


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