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Firm Adopts Special-Expertise Alliances

August 27, 2021

Access Point Partners for 11 years has leveraged its consultants' professional contacts with corporate executives contacted on searches to remain current on the expertise required for high performing leaders, particularly on functions such as Supply Chain, IT, Human Resources, and Marketing. The firm is now bringing 24/7 knowledge to its consultants.

Formalization of special-expertise alliances expands the value the firm brings to clients. Noted Founder/CEO, Eric Gustafson, "While every search we conduct is a live exercise in refreshing ourselves on world-class functional expertise via first hand discussions with hundreds of networking and assessment discussions throughout the search execution stage, we are extending this to a real-time relationship with select outside management consultants who excel across their clientele."

Expertise alliance consultants provide functional content perspectives and are not informed of the identities of the firm's client companies.


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