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91 Day Search For A Silicon Valley C-Level

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Access Point Partners Manages Newly Created Position With Silicon Valley CEO Client

Eric Gustafson, Founder/CEO, is pleased to announce the completion of the search for the newly created Vice President, Product Development at a leading technology durables company headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. Notes Eric, "Though now completed, our client NDA maintains the confidentiality of our new relationship with this $100 million fast growing portfolio company of an East Coast private equity firm. We can nonetheless share their delight in the quality, depth, and diversity of the candidate pool sourced and the executives formally engaged across the United States."

Access Point Partners was engaged by the CEO to aid in their definition and considerations of credentials appropriate to this newly created role; one offering unique career opportunity and mission-critical leadership for product ideation, design, development, and commercialization. The CEO and the Chairman of the Board from the private equity firm collaborated on the assignment with the search consultant as the twenty-year-old company sought its first C-level leader of Product Development and Design.

Researching the client's industry peer companies plus relevant, adjacent product, Stage Gate enabled, and channels companies, Access Point Partners' consultant, Eric Gustafson, led the project's strategy and execution from launch through its completion with offer acceptance on day 91 and the successful placement beginning her appointment two weeks later.


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